BIID Interior Design Project Book

At last, the reference book the industry has been waiting for. The new BIID Interior Design Project Book presents interior designers with a toolkit for professional best practice

Set to become the industry standard guide for running interior design projects of all sizes the BIID Interior Design Project Book has been authored by Susie Rumbold, BIID past president and director of Tessuto Interiors, London.

The book aligns with the RIBA Plan of Work 2020 and provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to navigating all aspects of professional practice in interior design, including how to set up and run your own interior design business.

The book was developed to meet demand for a more detailed understanding of the role that the interior designer plays within the built environment and will prove a useful toolkit for both practicing interior designers and design students, with information that can be applied to all sectors of design.

What to expect

In the book Susie has identified the key obligations of an interior designer at each stage of the design process and demonstrated how to fulfil these by setting out step-by-step actions; supported by clear explanations of jobs to be done, checklists and best-practice templates. When read from front to back, the book provides a systematic operational framework to interior designers to follow from project definition to completion.

Extending beyond the framework, the book also provides useful references to contemporary topics in design such as sustainability and wellness – providing context for these issues within professional practice.

On a more practical level, readers can find guidance on the specifics of everything from budget management to how to select the right kind of timber for joinery.

Susie says, “I am immensely proud of this book. Writing it was a great opportunity for me to consolidate my 30 years of experience into one condensed volume, focussing on the professional practice of interior design. It contains everything you ever wanted to know about interior design but were too afraid to ask, and everything I wish I’d known when I started practicing in 1993.”

The BIID Interior Design Project Book is published by RIBA you can purchase a copy here

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