In conversation with: Bonnie Sutton of Knots Rugs

Bonnie talks about the history of her company and the stunning new rug collection she will be launching at Decorex

Can you describe the Knots Rugs style? Our visual style is artistic, abstract and sophisticated. with a feminine touch and a strong attention to detail, in the way we execute our designs, that gives us a very distinctive look.

Bonnie Sutton of Knots Rugs
Bonnie Sutton, building on a family business

This is very much a family business, can you give me a brief history? Knots Rugs has its roots spanning three generations, starting in 1930s with my grandfather Alfred Sutton who was a true artist, talented restorer and expert in antique oriental carpets and textiles.

I started in the business with my father, Bernie Sutton, in 2005 and went on to create Knots Rugs in 2007, shifting from sourcing to creating, from traditional to modern, becoming the first producer of rugs in the family. We created our 17th Collection in memory of my grandfather and his influence on my love of rugs.

Fleur rugs, in a variety of colours, were created by Bonnie

Tel me about your artist collaborations? First collection was in 2017 with George Morton Clark, Michal Cole and Arthur Lanyon and really put us on the map in establishing our expertise in translating artworks into beautiful hand knotted rugs. Being a creative company ourselves we are able to understand the medium and develop the relationship, and trust, with the artists that allows us to do this.

Since then we’ve worked with Blackpop, The Sir John Soane Museum, Brian Coleman, Stefan Heyer and most recently launching our new collection with paper marbling artist Nat Maks. We love the creative process involved, the aesthetic is completely in line with our own in house designs and part of the whole process for us is choosing the right artists that work with the Knots ‘look’.

Ink Blue from the Nat Maks’ collaboration with Knots Rugs

You’re launching the Nat Maks rugs at Decorex. What was the appeal of working with Natascha Maksimovic? We love her use of colour, her individuality, her personality, we just clicked when we met her, we share the same aesthetic and values, it all just fell into place so naturally.

This was different to previous Artist Collaborations in that this was a true collaboration in the designs we used, we created them together in her Dreamland Studio in Margate. We love the results, which are like a symphony of colour and movement.

Is there one rug in your collection that you are particularly proud of? We love them all. Each one is a true expression of who we are as a company and the artists we represent.

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