Review: timeless interior style webinar

Do you agree that right now, timeless interior style matters more than ever?

Timeless Interior Style: Why it matters more than ever, is the subject of a webinar currently available on The Edit by Decorex. Hosted by interiors editor Kerryn Harper-Cuss, with Bruce Hodgson of bespoke joinery specialists Artichoke and Henriette von Stockhausen, co-founder of VSP Interiors.

The discussion covered the difference between iconic and timeless styles as well as trying to pin point exactly what timeless style is – I apologise for my clumsy summary, but it revolves around respecting the integrity of the building, authenticity of design and the need for comfort.

Both Bruce and Henriette talked about taking the time to create a timeless interior, comparing it to slow cooking. Another analogy I enjoyed was Henriette describing timeless interiors as similar to a bespoke suit, “It may cost more, but what you get will fit you perfectly it will last you a lifetime. And even if you put on weight you can let it out so it evolves with you.”

VSP Interiors blend inherited furniture with art for a timeless result

Timeless style is about telling the individual’s story, blending a client’s inherited furniture with their art collection while also considering the requirements of a modern home. It is also the opposite of the throwaway culture as it utilises vintage and antique furniture and fabrics “Even a damaged rug can be used to cover a footstool,” Henriette explains.

Creating a home that will last for generations chimes in well with the imperative that interior design becomes less wasteful.

In terms of pitfalls, Henriette advises to stay away from fleeting trends which can date quickly and Bruce talks about knowing when to keep altering a building or when to go back to its core.

I found this a fascinating discussion. If you haven’t discovered The Edit yet, it is a members-only platform created by the team behind Decorex and aimed at those working in interior design. You can find out more here

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