Argile paint

French paint brand Argile has opened a London showroom bringing with it the colours of nature in an eco-friendly format.

According to its founder, Jean Frédéric Nothomb, Argile offers ‘superior, trade quality paint for professionals’ with the palette taken from the colours of nature. As Jean Frédéric says, ‘nature doesn’t get it wrong.’

Jean Frédéric Nothomb – this man knows everything there is to know about paint

There are two colour collections – Argile Couleurs de Terre which takes inspiration from the earth, and Argile Végétal which takes inspiration from plants. These are available in eight finishes suitable for walls, ceiling and woodwork with the option to choose the classic paint or the Nature formula made from sunflower oil plus natural pigments. This results in a low energy footprint and fewer air-borne emissions.

Argile has such confidence in its colour palette, which it considers timeless, that no colour is ever discontinued. There are 184 shades to choose from which are all mixed on site at the new King’s Road showroom.

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