Bathroom trends 2023

Yousef Mansuri, director of design at bathroom retailer C.P. Hart, has compiled the five most influential trends to be aware of in the year ahead

Viva Magenta – A warm red-purple hue, Viva Magenta, named the Pantone colour of 2023, imparts power and boldness. Rooted in nature, its organic origins hail from the cochineal beetle, an insect that produces carmine dye, one of the most precious, strongest and brightest of the natural dye family. In interiors, this daring colourway promotes joy and optimism, an excellent choice for furniture, tiling, paint, and wallpaper – working particularly well against neutral tones. Viva Magenta also offers the perfect pop of colour in artwork, home accessories and flower arrangements.
Shop the look:
Cielo I Catini – Basin & furniture – Corallo (bottom right)
Polichroma – Arco – Wall tile (top right)
Gessi – Origini brassware – Coral (top left, bottom centre & left)
Cielo – Countertop washbowl – Corallo (top centre)

Trend: woven & knotted

Woven & Knotted – Artisanal items crafted from natural fibres are woven, knotted and intertwined. Utilised for modern-day product design, traditional craftsmanship and clever techniques combine to give interiors a home-made quality. Rattan, cane and straw derive from various species of palm, typically from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Africa. Designers are increasingly promoting these materials and traditional handicrafts for lamps, furniture, chairs, tableware, rugs, and art.
Shop the look:
Cielo – Marcel (top left, centre left, bottom right)
Décor Walther – Woven laundry/bathroom storage (top right,
centre & centre right, bottom left & centre)

Trend: warm sunset

Warm Sunset Bathroom trends 2023 number three is a concoction of colours derived from the earth, this trend is grounding, comforting, and cocooning. Warm tones of burnt orange, red, yellow, brown, caramel and gold are grouped together to form this joyful medley. Popular in the Seventies, this palette continues and expands into 2023, working wonderfully with natural materials such as timber, marble and stone to create a rich and sensuous aesthetic.
Shop the look:
Tivola LED – Wall light (centre)
Vola – Brassware (top centre, centre right, bottom centre)
Pontevecchio Ambrato – Floor/Wall tile (top right, bottom left)

Trend: balearic

Balearic Laid-back and nature-inspired, this Spanish mediterranean aesthetic fuses organic textures and neutral tones. Natural materials, including untreated timber, cane, rattan, stone, clay and terracotta are core to achieving this trend. Simple, uncluttered, bright and light-filled, Balearic-styled interiors blend modern lines with rustic charm.
Shop the look:
IdeaGroup – Dogma furniture (top centre, bottom left)
Cocoon – Bath collection (centre left, bottom right)
Elysian – Mediterranea – Wall/Floor tile (top right, centre,
bottom centre)

Trend: textured relief

Textured Relief Though ‘texture’ is a familiar interior design concept, 2023 sees the trend become increasingly recognised and celebrated, used more frequently and elaborately. Whilst recent years have seen linear flutes and bands dominate, the use of more irregular and flowing textures and patterns is accelerating. Commonly incorporated in monochrome palettes but welcomed in all schemes, 3D textures and patterns elevate detail and interest in furniture, soft furnishings, ceramics, and tiles.
Shop the look
Wave – 3D Collection – Wall tile (centre right)
IdeaGroup – Dolcevita furniture (top left, top right)
C.P. Hart exclusive – Spillo Tech brassware (top centre, centre left,
bottom centre)
AXOR – Citterio rhombic cut brassware (centre)

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