How to bring city style to rural homes

In his first ever book, Dean Keyworth, former president of the BIID, guides designers and homeowners through the challenges of designing for rural properties

Dean’s book The New Country was inspired by his move from London to an historically important former church near Berwick-upon-Tweed. Supported by an array of inspirational case studies from various interior designers, Dean takes you from the planning stages to the designing of individual rooms, highlighting ideas and practical tips to make each more comfortable, workable and beautiful.

He says, “This book is inspired by the transformation of the Georgian church into a house fit for 21st-century living and our own gradual adaptation to country life. I hope it can provide advice and encouragement, both for designers who may have previously concentrated on urban properties and for their clients.”

This practical design guide explains how to integrate contemporary style while working within the more confined parameters of the country and engaging with current concerns such as how to design for sustainable building and wellbeing. The book also takes into consideration the types of materials and finishes as well as styling that stand up to country life and highlights the importance of using local materials and crafts people where possible.

The New Country is available from RIBA Books

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