In conversation with : Francisco Segarra

I fired some questions at the Spanish designer Francisco Segarra, who has recently collaborated with Peronda to create a collection of wabi-sabi style tiles.

Q. When did you start designing and what drew you to the profession?

I started designing 15 years ago. I was running a network of real-estate agencies and the burst of the financial bubble led to a real-estate crisis which made me reinvent myself and I started in this profession.

Q. Where are you based?

My company is in Castellón and Madrid. We have showrooms in both cities.

Q. What is your latest significant achievement of note?

My latest significant project has been the creation of Ofelia Home Decor, my second brand – a breath of fresh air in the world of decoration.

I would also highlight my collaboration with Harmony, part of the Peronda Group; my collection of tiles FS by Peronda has meant another way of exploring art. With a vintage feel, FS Mud and FS Clay are the latest ranges and offer a touch of wabi-sabi style.

Francisco Segarra

Q. What is your favourite possession?

My favourite possession is without a doubt my home. It is in Benicasim beach and it is the best place to be when I need to recharge energies and unwind.

Q. What have you recently discovered?

Before all the restrictions, I discovered Casa Jondal restaurant in Ibiza. It is a restaurant with excellent quality cuisine and where I can easily feel peaceful.

Q. Who inspires you?

My greatest inspiration has been and still is a place, India.

Q. What are you a fan of?

I have always been a fan of restaurants, and perhaps unconsciously this is why most of our design projects are in restaurants. 

Q. What was your highlight of the last 12 months? 

My daughter has joined me at work. It is really rewarding to collaborate with her and share the same passion.

Q. Where would you like to visit once we are allowed to travel more freely?

I would like to travel to India. I feel this place as my second home. My first trip there was fifteen years ago, and I need to feel it, its flavours, its smells… India inspires me, and a lot of the production comes from there.

 (The top image show FS Mud, available in four colourways including Sand)

Find out more about Francisco Segarra here

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