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Interior Fox is a young interior design practice launched by Jen Choate and Mar Ugarte with the aim of delivering high quality interior design at any budget.

I wanted to find out more about the two designers behind Interior Fox, who launched their company in 2016 focussing initially on first time homeowners, renters and busy urbanites.

Jen and Mar, aka Interior Fox, making interior design accessible

Q. What is your background, did you both train in design?

We both have design backgrounds that led us to interior design. Mar graduated in Academy of Art in San Francisco majoring in product and furniture design, while Jen got her MFA from Parsons School of Design in New York focusing in Photography & Related Media and then went on to complete a course in interior design at UAL in London. 

Q. Describe your style. 

We grew up in different parts of the world, Jen in the US and Mar in the Philippines. Together we merge the western modern aesthetics, with a mix of natural materials and eclecticism from the east. We love a space that feels modern, but also has a lot of character with mixed materials, vintage and modern finds, with a touch of something unexpected. 

Q. Who is your target customer?

Our clients are usually new homeowners, young couples and families, and varying international backgrounds.

A project in Clapham, London

Q. You have described yourself as ‘boutique e-design for the digital age’ what do you mean by this?

We started off as an e-design platform, but we are so much more than simple moodboards. We like to say we fall in between traditional interior design methods and e-design. 

First things first, we establish exactly how we can bring our clients’ vision to life; considering their wants and needs as well as the functionality of the space.

We offer a comprehensive interior design service with multiple rounds of proposed layouts for clients to review before agreeing to the design. While working remotely, we’ll arrange for samples such as fabric swatches and paints to be delivered so our clients really feel part of the process. We also work alongside a team of tradesmen to create bespoke elements to give each project something truly unique.

After creating a full design brief with our clients, we offer a secondary service which involves onsite visits to assist in the styling and overall installation. Those last personal tweaks really help to elevate the space before revealing the final look to the client. 

Our digital-friendly services have enabled us to work with clients across the globe. This way of working thankfully meant we were able to adapt quickly during the pandemic. From regular Zoom calls and presentations, to group WhatsApp chats, we are always on hand to offer our clients a reliable and trustworthy service.

Open plan living in Dalston

 Q. So the service you offer is not just advisory?

We source the products for our client and offer an easy clickable accept or decline of items through Ivy; a management software which is favoured by both our clients and us.

This platform streamlines our way of working and eliminates any unnecessary complexity that is often associated to a more traditional way of designing.

Q. Are more young people turning to interior designers?

Interiors has soared over recent years and is viewed in equal importance to fashion. Homeowners are looking for ways to create a space that reflects their style and personality, just as they would to their wardrobe. Online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have played a role in this, acting as a source of inspiration for a younger demographic.

Decades ago, interior design was perhaps considered a luxury that the wealthy had, but with a modern approach like ours, we bring a fresh take on design and can work with a range of budgets, meaning interior design is accessible to a much younger market. In fact, many of our clients are aged from late 20’s upwards.

You can contact Interior Fox here

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