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Juliette Thomas is the founder of Juliettes Interiors, a high-end furniture retailer based on the King’s Road London, delivering award-winning interior design projects around the globe. Her experienced designers work closely within the industry to source unique furniture, lighting and bespoke solutions to create beautifully finished homes.

How did you start your business, and why? I was a single mother raising four small children and I was unable to work full time away from my family. In 2005 I had an idea and I spent all my savings of £1,200 on buying a few unique accessories and listed them on eBay only to find out they sold very quickly which gave me the confidence that people liked my style. My genuine passion for exclusive furniture pieces and my love for challenges brought me here today. I wanted to create a boutique for luxury interiors and high-end furniture with Juliettes Interiors as a brand.

We have been specialists at sourcing exclusive furniture and accessories including lighting whilst offering a bespoke design service to create luxurious homes and projects. Working with a highly demanding clientele means that we cannot compromise on the quality of our products and services. We proudly retain a 5-star satisfaction rate, and we strive to maintain our reputation to the highest levels.

Juliette Thomas, founder of Juliettes Interiors

What is the style at Juliettes Interiors? The Juliettes Interiors style is high-end timeless luxury. With both classic and contemporary collections. We don’t focus solely on one style. Rather we work with current trends. Our goal is to deliver beautifully decorated interiors with the wow factor that are timeless and have a unique identity.

We strongly believe that interior design affects our overall well-being and impacts our lives. For this, we love creating home designs that incorporate investment pieces designed for long-lasting comfort.

What is the most significant interior trend this year? We are noticing an increase in customers wishing to add curves in the living room. From striking sofas to unique sculptural lights. Curves bring feelings of tranquillity into the living space, creating an inviting environment of Hollywoodian inspiration.

Juliettes Interiors aim to deliver the ‘wow’ factor

What is Juliettes Interiors’ biggest value proposition? We create beautiful home interiors that impact the customers’ ‘experience’ within their living space. This is something that we achieve with our well-established Luxury Interior Design service.

Our creative process emphasises the ‘luxury’ component that makes it different from traditional interior design. High-end customers seek relaxation and experiences and want their interior to reflect their passions and suit their lifestyle.

Our talented team of designers creates an immersive design experience for our clients. From initial inspiration through installation and project delivery, the entire design process requires meticulous attention to detail and commitment. Sourcing first-rate furniture and lighting combined with exceptional service to produce unforgettable home interiors are the key elements of our success.

What is your favourite product in the Juliettes Interiors range? I have many favourite pieces but probably what I love the most is offering a unique design totally customised to the client’s requirements. An example can be the set of two over the top tall porters sofas. The customer wanted something unique yet glamorous to wow and impress their guests.

Lavender dining chairs for a project in France

The project you will never forget? The South of France project is always my favourite. This project was awarded ‘Best Interior design Private Residential Villa for France 2018/2019’ by the European International Property Awards.

My team and I worked extremely hard to create a unique, highly customised interior reflecting the character and personality of its owner. The home was surrounded by a supersized swimming pool and large areas of mature gardens, including olive trees and lavender fields.

The local lavender played an important part in the design as the owner wanted to reflect the local lavender fields. Around the pool area we used luxuriously super-soft towels, with striped and contrasting plain cushions. The lavender theme continued inside for the dining chairs where we used a soft pastel lavender shade. The other colours needed to work with this slightly unusual colour palette.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career? My customers are the ones that have influenced my whole career. They have encouraged me from the start and their feedback has always been extremely valuable. I believe it’s incredibly important to listen to what your customers say about your business. I know I am in the right business and career because of my customers’ loyalty.

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