This week’s product launches

This week I spotted charming strawberry wallpaper, 3D rugs and cast bronze lighting from Allegra Hicks

Artist and designer Allegra Hicks explores the harmonious relationship between art and design, combining her background in painting with her love of interiors in her inaugural designs for The Invisible Collection.

Allegra’s new collection (image above) is a series of furniture and lights, crafted using cast bronze and brass and adorned with her artistic touch so that soft crochet knits and ropes are transformed into hard sculptures.

Interior design news wallpaper by Monika Forsberg
Wild Strawberries by Monika Forsberg for Dado

The latest collection to launch at collaborative wallpaper brand Dado is Monika Forsberg for Dado.
Featuring fantastical technicolour illustrations that bring a whimsical touch to Dado’s diverse
portfolio of wallpapers by artists, makers and creative thinkers, Monika Forsberg’s designs offer a
series of floral prints that speak of Scandinavian folklore and fairytale worlds. Launching April 15. (for more wallpaper and fabric launches click here)

Profilo vanity unit from Oasis

Oasis has launched Profilo into its collection of bathroom furniture. Versatile and highly customisable, the units are available in a variety of sizes, 39 lacquers and 18 wood finishes. The vanities and wall/tall units feature distinctive gola style handles and there is also a selection of basin, both inset and countertop, to choose from. Available in the UK from Alchemy Design Award

Construct rug by Emily Forgot for Floor Story
Construct by Emily Forgot for Floor Story

Construct is the second collaboration between FLOOR_STORY and Emily Forgot. With work that sets out to merge the boundaries of 2D and 3D, Emily Forgot combines a training in art, graphics and illustration with a deep love of all things interiors – revealing influences from both Modernistic and Post-Modern styles.

Emily’s approach to Construct, as suggested by the name, incorporates a block style of design with layering effects and an overall play on structure. The finished pieces act as an assemblage and are designed to be joined together, forming one modular rug.

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