Inside the WOW!house

What can I say about WOW!house at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, other than wow!

WOW!house is the UK’s first ever purpose built showhouse, the brainchild of the Design Centre’s CEO Claire German. If you haven’t yet been I urge you to go, it’s amazing.

The De Le Cuona bedroom

The project launched last year and this year’s version is even better, with 18 rooms created by leading interior designers including a blushing pink Martin Moore kitchen by Henry Prideaux, a sumptuous French inspired library by Tim Gosling and decadent dining room by Martin Hulbert Design.

These are not flat tableau, cordoned off behind a red velvet rope, each room is fully realised and packed with design details. You can wander round, touch and admire and there is a specifically composed sound scape by Leslie Kwan and carefully chosen scents from Wick & Tallow to create a fully immersive experience. When you get to the end, I recommend turning round and walking back through as you will notice so many more delightful touches second time around.

Keep cool in the De Gourney morning room

My particular highlights were the glittering principle bathroom designed by Barlow & Barlow in collaboration with Drummonds (photo above), I fully expected to see Joan Collins circa 1985 stepping out of the tub. The Christian Bense De Le Cuona bedroom is a triumph, Christian took inspiration from his and Bernie De Le Cuona’s South African heritage to create a warm and welcoming space. And for sheer contrast and an unexpected change of pace the De Gournay morning room designed by Waldo Works caught my attention.

WOW!house is at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour until 6 July. You will need to book tickets which you an do here

Photo credit: James McDonald

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