Meet Atelier Mériguet-Carrère

Established in 1960 by Paul Mériguet, Atelier Mériguet-Carrère specialises in crafting and restoring the painted decorations of exceptional interiors


The Atelier Mériguet-Carrère workshop continues the legacy of 17th and 18th-century craftsmanship, undertaking projects for private palaces, luxury hotels, historic monuments, and iconic landmarks worldwide. 

The restoration of painted decoration, trompe-l’œil to imitate wood and stone, embossed and gilded leatherwork and leaf gilding are just some of the skills passed down from master craftsmen to apprentices.

Atelier Mériguet-Carrère

But there is more. Beyond preserving traditional techniques, the workshop also embraces innovation, regularly collaborating with artists and designers to explore new decorative approaches inspired by heritage craftsmanship. The portfolio includes prestigious locations such as Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, Château de Fontainebleau, Château de Versailles, Opéra Garnier and even the Oval Office in the White House.

In recognition of its commitment to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship, Atelier Mériguet-Carrère has been awarded the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label by the French state. The company is also a founding member of the Ateliers De France group, demonstrating the pride it takes in its heritage while continually advancing the art of decorative craftsmanship. 

Laurent Gosseaume, president of Atelier Meriguet-Carrère, says “Atelier Mériguet-Carrère’s work is considered to be a reference because it follows the tried, tested and approved methods of the past, whether in the service of classical taste or bold modern innovation. Concessions are occasionally made, and present-day products and methods introduced, but only if the project will genuinely benefit, never merely as a short cut.

“This approach explains why the Atelier sometimes looks a great deal like the kitchen of a three-star restaurant, where traditional methods are used to prepare classic recipes with evocative names like matière, rabbit-skin glue or Versailles grey. This pursuit of perfection – balancing technical and artistic virtuosity, the hand and the eye, patience and knowledge – unites the Atelier’s craftsmen with an invisible but almost palpable bond, whether they operate on site or in their Parisian workshops. They seem to care deeply for their work, for their tools, for the project, and for the client – in short, for doing a stellar job.”
Project: The Château de Fabrègues 

From Paris to Long Island, London to Moscow, Atelier Mériguet-Carrère has collaborated on numerous projects with leading figures in international design. Each interior presents a unique challenge, benefiting from the blend of traditional artisanal techniques and premium materials.

Interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch bought the Château de Fabrègues in 2009, the estate had been abandoned for nearly a century but he was determined to transform this handsome but neglected building.

Atelier Mériguet-Carrère

Pierre Yovanovitch worked closely with Atelier Mériguet-Carrère to revive the Château’s classical elegance including trompe l’oeil paintings in the foyer, a faux-bois ceiling evoking the essence of a forest canopy in the living room, Cordoba leather chairs embellished with geometric patterns in the dining room.

Pierre Yovanovitch says, “We worked for nearly five years with passion and determination to bring this fading building back to life along with the original garden which had vanished. It was a crazy, unwieldy project, since the estate had been abandoned for almost a century. I surrounded myself with exceptional craftsmen and together we gradually revived what has become my haven of peace.”

Atelier Mériguet-Carrère will be exhibiting at French Craft Collective, The French Residence in Kensington Palace Gardens, as part of London Craft Week. Click here to register

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