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Quartzite that looks like turtle shell, lights that look like leaves and architectural hardware that looks like jade. Are you ready for this week’s product roundup?

The Mineral Collection is the latest architectural hardware offering from British manufacturer Croft. Comprising of levers, bathroom turn, appliance pull, cabinetry knobs and handles, the hardware is available in durable gloss and matt finishes and two shades: Tigers Eye and Jade. Tigers Eye is a warm brown similar to the gemstone chatoyant while jade is a vibrant turquoise.

For more thoughts on architectural hardware, you might enjoy my interview with Massimo Buster Minale of Buster & Punch

Turtle Green quartzite from Cullifords
Turtle Green quartzite from Cullifords

Visually arresting, Turtle Green is a new quartzite surface from Cullifords. The striking pattern, reminiscent of a turtle shell, is in shades of green, ochre and ivory. This unusual Brazilian stone will certainly make a design statement when used for residential bathroom and kitchen projects, or for commercial bar and restaurant spaces.

Ginkgo table and wall light from David Hunt
Delicate Ginkgo lights from David Hunt

David Hunt Lighting’s new Ginkgo collection is designed with a trio of ginkgo leaves radiating outwards in a fan formation. Available as a table lamp or a wall light, the Ginkgo design is delicately hand-painted in a cream and gold finish or a bolder black and gold finish for a more striking lighting scheme. Selections of bespoke shades in a myriad of colours are available to complement the table lamp.

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