Bespoke art consultancy

Award winning London based design studio Run For The Hills has launched a bespoke art consultancy offering a cost effective way of providing custom artwork to their clients

The Run For The Hills design studio, which specialises in interior design and creative branding, has designed some of the UK’s hottest restaurants and bars, as well as scores of private homes.

For its commercial projects the studio is often asked to source art centred around specific themes and they are now offering this service to all clients. The company says this is often more cost effective for the client than buying artwork themselves.

The design house has been creating bespoke commissioned artworks since its first project back in 2012, a workspace for Audible UK. The project needed a body of artwork that focused on the theme of literature and storytelling. Rather than buying art, they decided to create the pieces themselves. Whilst working on this project artist Chris Trotman, who co- founded Run For The Hills with interior designer Anna Burles, honed his typographic style and created his first art map of London, now a signature motif in his work.

When working on an art project for a client, the whole Run For The Hills graphics and art team gets involved. providing the option of illustration or hand drawn motifs, or more of a collage or abstract style.

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