Green Grads

Now in its third year, Green Grads is a platform for new graduates with ideas to heal the planet

I was so impressed by Green Grads last year, where some truly innovative ideas were brought to life by talented, enthusiastic graduates. As founder and curator, Barbara Chandler says, “Green Grads is an inarguable double whammy: promoting new talent and the environment at one and the same time.”

This year 50 graduates will take over a huge floor in the newly refurbished Heal’s Building over the first weekend of the 2023 London Design Festival (16 to 18 September). It is free to enter, through the store.

Graduates (from BA and MA courses from all over the country) cover a wide range of disciplines, from art to engineering, also including product and furniture design, materials innovation, animation, graphics, ceramics, glass, textiles, fashion, interior design and architecture. Projects tackle issues such as climate, energy, carbon, pollution, waste, diminishing resources, and depletion of species. They promote the circular economy, natural materials, local production, restoration and repair. They explore seaweed, mycelium and other intriguing new bio-materials, plus elegant materials made from waste.

(image shows chandelier made from discarded glass bottles by William Harris)

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