Grow your interior design business

Have you reached the point where you want to grow your interior design business? Join me at Focus for an informal, but hopefully informative, discussion exploring the possibilities

I am delighted to be chairing the Scaling With Confidence seminar at Focus on Monday.

Organised in association with the BIID, I will be chatting to successful interior designers: Lindsey Rendall, BIID president and co-founder of Rendall & Wright; Verity Coleman, founder of Rascal & Roses; and Cinzia Moretti, creative director at Moretti Interior Design. We will spend an hour discussing how to grow your interior design business.

You will find us in the Whistler Leather showroom, second floor of the South Dome at 2.00pm.

Expect sage advice and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit as the panel reveal pivotal decisions and shrewd strategies that helped them towards success.

You will need to register in advance for Focus, but you can find all the details here

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