Inside Tattu Chinese restaurant

Joyce Wang Studio has re-imagined the architectural features of a traditional courtyard house for the new Tattu Chinese restaurant

Tattu Chinese restaurant has opened in The Now Building on the corner of Tottenham Court Road,
with interiors by Joyce Wang Studio, an award-winning international design practice based in London and Hong Kong.

Inspired by a traditional Chinese courtyard house, a historic structure in which four residences surround a central garden, the design features a number of original artworks by Shanghai native Shan Jiang.

The bar with views over London

At the entrance to the courtyard house an ornate spirit screen depicts four mythical creatures – phoenix, koi carp, dragon and tiger – each a namesake for one of the restaurant’s intricately designed ‘residencies’.

Just beyond the spirit screen is the flamboyant Opposite House bar, inspired by the Phoenix,
the protector from evil and guardian of wealth. The space is filled with feathered fabrics and charred timbers and features a copper panelled wall to reflect the fiery nature of the Phoenix itself. There is an outdoor terrace adjacent to the bar with views over London.

Courtyard dining with cherry blossom chandelier

The Intimate Western Residence lies beyond a flower hung gate and is a serene dining space with
pearlescent shell and rippled glass textures representing the natural habitat of the Koi Carp. A marble floor and traditional stone garden define the space from the regal Main Residence, where the mythical presence of the Tiger takes centre stage. Swathed in luxurious fabrics with woven liquid metal detailing, the moody yet vibrant enclave is home to Tattu’s resident DJ’s.

Finally, the Inner Courtyard, which all residencies open out onto, is inhabited by the spirit of the dragon and punctuated by brushed bronze scale-like details. The area is defined by a skylight, creating an intimate dining experience under the London sky. This residence is adorned with a statement cherry blossom chandelier, a bespoke piece created for Tattu by Cox London.

A mix of materials create an intimate dining space

Joyce Wang says, “Taking advantage of this rare rooftop venue, we strove to create a beacon at the top of Tottenham Court Road celebrating the vibrant streetscapes below. The large central skylight within the space anchored the narrative of a traditional Chinese courtyard house, dining underneath a handcrafted 20-metre-long cherry blossom chandelier.

Embracing the Tattu experience, four spirit animals became residents of each individual quarter, their identities setting the mood and feel within each area. We can’t wait to see guests eating the amazing cuisine and sipping on cocktails within this uniquely vibrant venue.”

Dining areas all open onto the bright, central ‘courtyard’.

Photographs Edmon Leong

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