Meet The Gallery: Objekti

Benjamin and Miriam Frowein discovered ceramic pines in Mexico and have built a business around bringing these whimsical pieces to the UK

When did you launch Objekti, and why? We launched Objekti in 2020. My brother-in-law, Benni Frowein and I travelled to Mexico the year before where we discovered the most breath-taking tradition of ceramic art, which dates back to the pre-Columbian period. We fell in love with these unique Pines, which symbolize goodwill in Mexico, and decided to launch Objekti.

Yellow Peacock has over 100 feathers growing from its body

What appeals to you about the pines and how do they work in an interior scheme? The Pines are fun and elaborate pieces, the real beauty lies within the making process. They are made from local clay with elaborate details of incision, appliqué and openwork. The glaze is mixed with copper sulphate and other minerals then fired multiple times to achieve a glass like shine. The whole process is truly beautiful and astonishing.

The Pines elevate their interior surroundings in both a traditional and contemporary space. They are colourful, happy, timeless, sophisticated and unpractical decorative works of art.

You sell candelabras as well as pines, will there be further additions to the Objekti portfolio? There will be further additions to the Objekti portfolio, Benni and I are currently working on a furniture collection launching next year so stay tuned…

Handmade candlesticks have now joined the Objekti collection

Where can interior designers see your collection ? The Objekti Showroom is based in Belgravia which is appointment only. You can also find us on The Invisible Collection, Laura Gonzalez’s Showroom in Paris, The Schumacher Showroom in Paris and we have a collection exhibiting at Le Bristol Hotel in Paris.

What is your favourite possession? That is such a difficult question as I see all my possessions as treasures and memories. If I had to choose one it would be the little Line Vautrin Mirror from the 1950’s that my husband gave to me as a gift for my 40th Birthday.

(You can meet Benni Frowein of Schumacher here)

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