RIXO + Cúpla

RIXO is one of my favourite fashion brands, so I was fascinated to hear that founder Orlagh McCloskey’s twin sister Gemma is the interior designer behind studio Cúpla

Cúpla created the colourful interior for RIXO’s Marylebone store and also for the just opened pop-up in Selfridges.

For both interiors, the eclectic, colourful style of RIXO’s dresses has been reflected in the use of hand-painted Moroccan zellige tiles from Otto Tiles alongside House of Arley cushions and hand-painted murals from artist Sam Wood.

Gemma McCloskey of Cúpla says, “We wanted the pop-up space to be fully immersive with a sense of familiarity to what we have created in their permanent stores. We were limited on what we could change architecturally therefore we leaned upon bright colours and stand out pieces like the large palms trees which sit centrally within the space and the hand painted murals which are emblematic of RIXO’s signature prints. The space feels light-hearted and hopefully brings some fun back into shopping”

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