This week’s product launches

A dramatic dining table, contemporary bathroom furniture and a striking copper bath. These are the products that caught my eye this week

Kronos is the latest design from Duffy London. An irregular rock like configuration forms the base which has been split apart to create two distinct shapes. This striking base is made from mirror-polished gold or matt black, supporting a curved table top of either glass or solid marble.

Limited to only 20 pieces, Kronos is available as a coffee or dining table.

Duffy London created Kronos’ faceted shape using a timer-led algorithm to create an infinite number of individual cell structures based on a number of random design variables. Each time the algorithm is paused at a single point, a new unique form is generated, meaning no two tables are ever created the same. This can then be manually adjusted and developed into a three-dimensional structure that can be split apart to form the two bases of the table. (you can read my interview with Christopher Duffy here)

Sense bathroom furniture from C.P Hart

Sense bathroom furniture from the Italian IdeaGroup is now available from C.P Hart. This contemporary bathroom furniture includes eight sandblasted teak finishes from white-wash to dark wood.

The range includes drawers, cupboards and matching mirror cabinets featuring double sided doors and built-in lights. For further personalisation there are three handle types and integrated or semi-inset basins.

Freestanding copper bath from Aston Matthews

Lets stay with bathrooms to take a look at the new polished copper bath from Aston Matthews. The tub is available as fully copper (interior and exterior) or with a polished copper exterior combined with contrasting polished nickel interior.

Copper is a great conductor which means that once the bath is filled the water retains an even temperature throughout and stays hotter for longer. And, copper baths are made from recycled copper and are themselves fully recyclable.

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