This week’s product launches

A very clever piano, reformed stone tiles and elegant bedside tables. These are the products that caught my eye this week

Let’s get in the mood for Christmas with a classic piano recital. Steinway & Sons have launched Spiriocast software that allows live, remote performances from one Steinway Spirio piano to another in real time – no matter where in the world that might be.

I don’t have the space to explain how this sophisticated system works here (and to be honest I don’t fully understand it) but in very simple terms Spiriocast technology broadcasts music data to either one or many SPIRIO instruments which can then recreate the performance exactly as it was originally performed recapturing the movement of the piano’s hammers and pedalling. Take a look at this link for a better understanding of this ground breaking technology.

Reform tiles from Ca’ Pietra shown here on the floor

Reform is a new tile collection from Ca’ Pietra it is made from 60% recycled stone in a carbon neutral factory. Reform is available in three formats and 12 colours from sapphire blue to salmon pink all softened by the tumbled finish.

In addition to its eco credentials, the tile is durable enough to be used both inside and out. (For my summary of the latest tile trends click here)

The Arc bedside table from Black & Key

Bespoke furniture makers Black & Key have created the Arc bedside table, shown here in macassar wood with starburst top. This curved piece has a straight back so it can sit flush to the wall, an open shelf and two drawers. Alistair Black, Black & Key’s production manager says, “I love the challenge of creating essential pieces. My goal is always to create a piece that our clients want to buy because they fall in love with it, not because they simply need it.”

Arc is sold in pairs and, like the rest of Black & Key’s pieces, can be customised entirely.

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