Reclaimed vodka oak staircase

This week I came across this unusual story from bespoke staircase specialist Bisca

The company design and manufacture bespoke staircases, balustrades and other architectural features in timber, stone, metalwork and glass. For this project the client wanted a staircase for a new build, timber framed house and, as the staircase was to be the main feature of the hall, it needed to be sculptural but visually light to maintain the view to the garden.

To create the sculptural feel, Bisca used a central spine that curves and rises helically from the ground to the first floor. The spine is free floating, only connected to the building at the landing and the ground floor. It carries characterful, chunky treads made from reclaimed vodka barrels chosen to complement the oak for the timber framed building.

The balustrade is of forged, textured stainless steel uprights with a satin finish that absorbs colour from the surrounding interior scheme. An oval oak handrail adds to the sculptural feel.

I like to think that the stairs still carry an inviting, cocktail hour aroma.

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