Graphenstone ecologically advanced paint

Graphenstone claims to be the most advanced ecological and natural paint on the market. Intrigued? Let’s find out more


The story of Graphenstone begins in 2012 when a scientist, with a background in the paint business, set out to create a range of natural paints while taking advantage of the amazing Nobel Prize winning discovery of graphene. Antonio Leon Jiménez then spent two years perfecting a paint which fuses graphene, the strongest material on earth, with trusted natural ingredients such as lime, clay and chalk. The result is a durable, high performance paint which is also natural – quite an achievement in a historically toxic industry.

Since its launch Graphenstone has quickly gained traction all over the world as architects, interior designers and consumers increasingly embrace ecological and sustainable alternatives.

Graphenstone paint is rich in pigment resulting in great depth of colour

The addition of graphene to the mix gives Graphenstone paints their flexibility, with a significant reduction in both cracking and flaking. The paints can also contribute to energy saving due to high reflective power and, thanks to the mineral content, Graphenstone reduces the reverberance of sound.

But that’s not all. Because Graphenstone paints are made from all natural ingredients they are suitable for people suffering from chemical intolerance and can be used safely in children’s bedrooms, nurseries, care homes and hospitals. Graphenstone paints are breathable so they help to prevent mould and bacteria growth.  They also absorb a significant volume of CO2 as the paint cures, the majority in the first 30 days after application. The brand’s flagship paint, Ambient Pro+, a photocatalytic range, also neutralises toxins, such as NOx and SOx, year after year.

The paint is suitable for both residential and commercial use

Managing Director Patrick Folkes says, “As important as the ingredients are, it’s as much about what we don’t add to the mix. No man-made chemicals or petro-chemicals, microbeads or VOC’s (‘Trace Level’ only at under 1g per litre, the lowest threshold on the market). Other key features are our wide range of recognised certifications, such as Cradle to Cradle Institute (C2C). Every one of our paint ranges has passed the thorough and holistic C2C product evaluation process, giving our customers the independent evidence of Graphenstone’s genuinely powerful claims in terms of sustainability and ecological purity. Finally, the paint is fantastic quality. It’s very high in solid content, i.e the stuff you pay for that remains on your wall after the water has evaporated, and super rich in pigments so our beautiful colours really ping, plus it’s genuinely easy to apply.”

Of course it is very easy for manufacturers to make all sorts of claims. If you need further reassurance Graphenstone is the world’s most certified eco paint having been recognised with a raft of awards for quality, innovation and environmental impact.  The products comply with Building Standards such as BREEAM, WELL & LEED and hold a wide range of respected and recognised harm-free certifications such as Cradle to Cradle Gold, Global Green Tag and Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold.

Graphenstone is the world’s most certified eco paint

Used across a variety of projects from Facebook UK’s HQ to Spetchley Park, a listed stately home in Worcestershire, the paint will also be making an appearance at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Artist Lora Avedian chose Ambient Pro+, because of its green credentials, for a series of murals she is creating for the show. A 15litre tub will absorb approximately 5kg of CO2 during the curing phase.

Patrick says, “Recently we signed a partnership agreement with The Eden Project to supply paints as their preferred brand. It’s hard to imagine a collaboration for Graphenstone with a more sustainably focused, famous brand. Genuinely a wonderful validation of the clean-tech ecological ethos of our paint company.”

Graphenstone will be on stand CO1 at Contracts in Spa Fields during Clerkenwell Design Week

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