YesColours spreading a feel good ethos

On a mission to spread happiness and optimism, YesColours has partnered with artist Morag Myerscough to create the Joy Pavilion at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

John Stubbs, co-founder of YesColours says, “To work with Morag on this project was so important to us. It is the epitome of showcasing the positive feelings that creativity and colour can bring to those who need it most.”

The company has also unveiled the Super Wonder Shrine, a creative public artwork in Myerscough’s signature bright colours and patterns, celebrating Weston-super-Mare’s community.

YesColours is a new eco paint brand, offering the UK’s first fully recyclable paint pouch along with sustainable formulas, low VOCs and a palette based on colour theory and promoting wellness.

The company was conceived during lockdown and completed its first crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs in November.

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