Interior trend predictions for 2023

Interior designers Charu Gandhi and Benji Lewis share their interior trend predictions for 2023

Let’s start with Charu, the founder and director of global design studio Elicyon. Here she outlines three main trends for next year and beyond – from decluttering to embracing warm timbers.

Less furniture engenders a sense of calm

Less is More

Going into 2023 Charu has seen an increasing number of clients asking Elicyon to design schemes with less furniture to create a more understated, paired back aesthetic. Not only does this result in spaces that understandably feel larger, more open and less cluttered, but it also instils a real sense of calm and soothing tranquillity – something clients are deliberately seeking out in the design of their homes.

Combine vintage finds with contemporary pieces

Combining vintage and contemporary

Charu believes that an integration of vintage and contemporary design aesthetics is the best way to create one cohesive scheme throughout a room or home.

She says, “As trends are cyclical and pull from the past, embracing them might be the best way to stay ahead of the curve. I predict that vintage, early to mid 20th century Italian furniture is set to rise in popularity – something which works well juxtaposed against, for example, oversized contemporary abstract patterned rugs.” Mixing contemporary micro-trends like leathered stone finishes with more vintage features like stained glass will give your project a truly unique feel.

Warm woods and coloured lacquers

Warm timbers

Timbers with beautiful grains are a go-to for Charu when designing spaces for 2023. in particular, Elicyon are using a lot of warmer wood finishes to offset the cooler, neutral palettes that gained popularity in the last few years.

Recently, Charu created a bespoke cabinet in mappa burr wood veneer, finished with a dramatic cherry red lacquer detail – and cites these two finishes as some of her favourites. She says that lacquer’s appeal is enduring and she expects to see this finish used in more inventive ways in the year ahead.

Prints will be contained to a simple stripe

Colour and pattern

For his interior trend predictions for 2023, Benji, of Benji Lewis Design, says deep jewel colours such as amethyst, blue, jade and lapis will be increasingly popular while pattern will be contained to include just a simple geometric or stripe. He says “The wardrobe Kate Middleton took with her to the US provides a good indication of where some interior trends might lie. The super fitted grey and black hounds-tooth check dress with understated brass buckled belt was particularly good. The controlled nature of the pattern being used in such a flattering manner.”

However, in stark contrast, Benji advises that glamour is also back in all its ‘70’s smokey glass fashion. Think low seated lounge sofas with built-in acrylic end tables, sumptuous leafy woven fabrics in mid-brown shades with forest green and gold.

Look out for statement table lamps

Considered lighting

When it comes to getting lighting right Benji advises: blend wall lighting with a statement table lamp, consider a wash of light being cast over the floor with skirting height recessed wall lights, but absolutely do not think a single pendant light (however beautiful) will cut the mustard on its own when it comes to providing a strong ambient feel to your space, because it won’t.

Architectural detail

Finally, Benji says, “Look at incorporating architectural detail like panelling in your room schemes but, referencing the Savoir office in Emily in Paris, have it painted in the same colour as the walls so the whole room blends as one.”

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