In conversation with: Patrick Gill of Eccotrading

Have you popped into the recently opened Eccotrading showroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour? I asked director Patrick Gill to tell me a bit more about the business and why it should appeal to interior designers.

When did you start the business and why? We started in 2002 having worked in the industry for a number of years the opportunity arose to create our own designs and style. We have grown organically over the years and established ourselves as a company known for unique and exclusive items. Many of our clients have travelled with us on our journey and are now among some of the best known names in the design world.

Can you describe the Eccotrading style? The style is eclectic with a great mix of products and materials and not following the current must haves! We create unique and imaginative design that cannot be found elsewhere, especially when it comes to our bronze and leather collections. We layer our style with original art, sculpture and luxurious accessories to offer an amazing choice.

Barrington collection from Eccotrading
The new leather Barrington collection

How many of your pieces are designed in house? We are constantly working on new designs and tweaking some old favourites. Taking inspiration from so many sources we always have something on the bench underway. It is about 95% designed in house as we want to offer exclusivity and there is so much pleasure to be gained form having a spark of an idea and seeing the final product installed in a client’s project.

Why should interior designers consider working with Eccotrading? Why would you not! With nearly 20 years of working with the trade we are known for amazing service, personal interaction with clients and supplying in most cases from stock. We also offer bespoke designs on some of our collections so a client may have exactly the right piece.

What is the latest addition to the collection? Our new leather Barrington collection has just arrived and has a timeless elegance with the beautiful colour and hand cast bronze handles. We also have made this in a fabulous navy blue and red leather, that is a great combination that looks incredible  in the right scheme.

New bronze and leather seating, together with more stylish bronze accessories have also just been added. New designs arrive every couple of months.

Bronze vessels from Eccotrading
Geometric bronze vessels

What is your favourite piece in the collection – old or new? That’s a hard one as we design these ourselves we are invested in each design from conception to completion. It is rather like asking someone to pick a favourite child, I am not sure if that’s possible.

You recently opened a new showroom in Chelsea Harbour, why is that? Chelsea Harbour is an international destination point for the design trade so we jumped at the chance of moving there. The showroom (pictured at the top) is in a great location and is the ideal spot for clients to visit easily. Here we can showcase a broad selection of our designs and feature all the new designs as they arrive. Clients love the showroom as it offers amazing inspiration and being able to see and touch is paramount when selecting items to put together a scheme.

you can view the Eccotrading collection here

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