In conversation with: Sara Cosgrove

Dublin based interior designer Sara Cosgrove has been chosen to design the bar at this year’s Decorex. I asked her about her plans for the show and her style in general.

What first attracted you to a career in interior design?

I actually started my career in fashion and, following an internship with the Irish fashion designer John Rocha who also happened to work on interiors and homewares, I discovered my true love was for interiors and I pivoted and haven’t looked back.

Can you describe your style?

The Sara Cosgrove style is classic contemporary, but I also love to work on each project with a fresh set of eyes and always try to evolve my design language. I love, where possible, to mix vintage and antiques in with the more classic contemporary envelope. In general I like my furnishings to be quite tailored and even, when we are working on a large classical space, I will add some clean lines to offset. Inspiration comes from a myriad of places, whilst I’m walking in nature or flicking through magazines at the weekend.

What are your thoughts on being chosen to design the bar for this year’s Decorex?

I was absolutely delighted to be selected as this year’s designer for the champagne bar at Decorex. It’s a career milestone. And as it is our industry’s first large-scale get together in over two years I just really want to create space for people to reconnect.

Sara Cosgrove's design for the Decorex bar
Sara’s design for the Decorex bar

Can you reveal your design for the bar?

The design for the bar has a touch of whimsy and fun. After the past 18 months of turbulence I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t taking itself too seriously and that the space would welcome and delight. The central circular bar has a perimeter framework in the shape of circus tent, added to with beautiful drapery and soft furnishings and a mirror ball. We have seating for 60 all nicely spaced out and we really look forward to sharing the space with the attendees

Will you be attending Decorex?

I’m so looking forward to attending Decorex this year for many reasons. Whether it is to reconnect with old suppliers and colleagues or find new products and services. After a show I tend to use my photography as a reference point for many months and I really felt that gap over the last year. I can’t wait to rebuild my inspiration library again.

Where would you like to travel once restrictions are fully lifted?

I really want to revisit Argentina. I visited there over 10 years ago with my mother and I have always itched to go back. Whether it is walking the streets of the Palermo district or sitting at the bar of the Rio Correntoso hotel in Villa La Angostura. I can honestly say I will never take a trip for granted again. Even travelling back and forth between London and Dublin is a true luxury.

What is your favourite possession?

My garden, I wish I could spend more time in it!

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