Most sought after worktop trends for 2024

Worktops have to be practical and durable but they must be aesthetically pleasing too. Caesarstone predicts the key worktop trends for 2024


With a history of influencing worktop trends, Caesarstone is committed to offering surfaces that align with consumer preferences and possess timeless allure to ensure enduring satisfaction.

Leveraging well-established associations with renowned trend forecasters, the company is well-equipped to predict the prevailing aesthetics and emerging styles in the worktop category for the next twelve months.

White marble worktop trends for 2024
5143-White Attica, timeless elegance

White marble-inspired elegance – Marble is a stone with enduring appeal. Absolutely timeless, it epitomises elegance and grandeur. Caesarstone’s worktops present an enticing alternative for those seeking the opulence of white marble without its drawbacks. Renowned for durability, stain resistance and scratch resistance, Caesarstone surfaces embody the luxury of natural stone within their range. While the popularity of this trend persists, recent months have witnessed a shift towards more daring design choices, with prominently veined surfaces gaining favour. Hero products like 5171 Arabetto, 5143 White Attica, and 506 Mirabel are gaining prominence for their striking, bold designs, suggesting a continued ascent of this trend into 2024.

Caesarstone key worktop trends for 2024
1002-Wyndigo taps into the trend for natural materials

Earthy hues – The growing appreciation for the natural world has permeated interior choices, with consumers seeking warmth and an earthy ambiance in their homes. Our next worktop trend for 2024, already prevalent in textiles and soft furnishings, is now set to make waves in kitchen design, evident in the rising preference for wood finishes and earthy colour schemes. Reflecting a desire for a grounded aesthetic rooted in nature, the popularity of beiges, greiges and brown shades is expected to soar. Caesarstone’s extensive surface options, guided by world-leading trend forecasters, mitigate the risk of trend-centric design pitfalls, ensuring a timeless appeal for years to come. Recommendations like 1002 Wyndigo, 5212 Taj Royale, and 6046 Moorland Fog cater to customers embracing the trend for earthy finishes.

4043-Primordia, has a look of textured concrete

Heavy textures – Aligning with the quest for a more natural look to surface finishes, consumers are increasingly drawn to textures as an additional element in their spaces. Tactility has become a pivotal aspect of kitchen design and Caesarstone offers a diverse range of finishes to suit varied preferences. From silky honed products like 5121 Layalite to extremely textured and matte porcelain surfaces such as 413 White Ciment, or rougher concrete finishes like 4011 Cloudburst Concrete and 4043 Primordia with its sandy beach-like colourway and tactile surface, Caesarstone provides a spectrum of texture options without compromising on durability or ease of maintenance.

5171-Arabetto a prominently veined, white marble inspired surface

These forecasts aim to assist you in engaging conversations with customers in the upcoming months. As the leading surface provider, Caesarstone is committed to meeting market demands and ensuring its partners are equipped with the right products to fulfil consumer desires.

You can explore the company’s full product catalogue at and if you enjoyed this feature on key worktop trends for 2024, you may also like this project featuring dramatic Caesarstone worktops at Amethyst Restaurant

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