Project: Edwardian home

Interior designer Caroline Cobbold was tasked with breathing colour and life into an Edwardian home in Wimbledon

Can you tell me a bit about the property? It was a huge beautiful Edwardian Villa built around 1905

Who was your client for this project and what was their brief? Absolutely charming clients. They wanted a complete overhaul as their children were grown up and on the cusp of leaving home and the house was last done 14 years ago.

What was your starting point for the interior? The client wanted colour and life breathed into the property, it was all dark wood and muted colours.  I retained a few pieces of quality that I liked.

The starting point is always seeing how the client lives and the pieces they have lived with overtime even if they are being replaced.

How did you decide on the colour palette? I love colour and pattern combining, but the light into a room and the window aspects both have a huge bearing on the colour pallet.

Did you specify any bespoke pieces for the project? I commissioned the painting of the Chinese Man for the bathroom, from a fabulous artist friend of mine.

What was the biggest challenge? Covid and Brexit in the middle of this project. Both caused financial implications and delays to deliveries.

What is your favourite design feature? I love the kitchen pallet and the way the layout came together.

I am also pleased with the master bathroom. There was a soft putty coloured tadelakt in the shower area. The bath was the client’s and it was a complicated and expensive item to replace, due to its special filling and waste system so I had to live with it, but with the soft colours and the painting of the Chinese Man, the bathroom became less ‘sharp’ and sterile.

Caroline Cobbold is a member of the BIID, you can see more of her work here

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(Photo credit: Brotherton Lock)

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