In conversation with: Jules Haines of Haines Collection

On a mission to make the interiors industry less wasteful, Haines Collection is diverting leftover fabrics and accessories away from landfill and into homes

Can you explain the Haines Collection concept? Haines is an award-winning D2C platform selling surplus interiors stock. We source and salvage unwanted and leftover designer fabrics and home accessories, rehoming them with design lovers and diverting them from landfill. 

Our core mission is to reduce waste from the interiors industry and provide a sustainable solution to the world’s home textile waste problem. It’s been found that 42% of textile waste in UK landfill is from the home, we want to raise awareness of this waste and help lower it. (This information is from a WRAP report)

By partnering with design companies and luxury brands, we enable them to make positive changes to their practices and processes, deliver against their sustainability goals, and lessen the collective impact our industry has on the planet. In less than four years we have grown our partner network to over 100 leading brands, including GP & J Baker, Fermoie, Romo and Sanderson. Some brands we work with are outside of the interiors industry such as Selfridges and Levi’s.

And what is Haines Curates? We are also the home of a collection of independent designers with sustainability at their core – Haines Curates. This allows customers to shop in a more conscious way, without being limited to the finite volumes in our remnant collections.

What prompted you to start Haines Collection? Previously I worked for a textile designer and learnt first hand about the huge volumes of waste in the interiors industry. I also experienced the frustrations of not knowing how to rehome surplus products responsibly, whilst maintaining your brand positioning.

The idea really solidified after a chance meeting in my local town. I came across an upholsterer and curtain maker who had a pop-up shop to sell off their fabric offcuts and roll ends leftover from projects. Chatting to him helped me understand that it was costing businesses money to store their surplus and arranging a sale took up precious time and often they barely broke even. He was the first supplier to Haines Collection. I started a beautiful resale platform that would save brands time and money as well as helping to reduce the chances of homeware and textiles ending up in landfill.

How receptive have suppliers been to the concept? It’s been great, but certainly hasn’t been easy! We deal with the leftovers that are at the bottom on everyone’s to do list. Sustainability isn’t yet a top priority for most businesses, so encouraging businesses to think in a more circular way is still a challenge. However, since I started the business four years ago, things have really changed and it’s certainly a topic of growing interest – which makes explaining what we do a lot easier. The vast majority of our suppliers have come to us through referrals or just word of mouth which we are extremely proud of.

We’ve built a large and loyal supplier base in the UK, so in Spring 2024 we are entering the US market with an operations hub in North Carolina with the aim to save more waste in the global interior design industry.

My readers are primarily professional interior designers, what is the benefit to them of using Haines? Home textiles and accessories can be rehomed and upcycled, helping free up space and supporting an individual’s sustainability ambitions.

Every interior designer I meet always talks about their ‘cupboard of doom’ – mountains of leftover fabrics and products from projects years (or even decades) ago! Haines is a great opportunity to move on stock you have been holding onto. Selling your surplus with us is quick and simple – we can rehome your textiles, wallpaper, accessories, rugs, lights and trims. As well as recouping any lost investment, you are ensuring that nothing goes to waste. 

Purchasing with Haines can provide you and your client with a budget friendly and earth positive option, without having to compromise on your design aesthetic. We have over 2000 products on our website so there is something for everyone. Haines Curates is a great place to discover new and up and coming designers and their stock is always available which helps when pitching concepts to clients.

We know our planet is in crisis, we need to reduce climate change and we know the best way to do this is to lower consumption. The vast majority (89%) of home textiles are acquired brand new (2023 WRAP report The longevity of home textiles) so buying second hand can be a hugely positive step in the right direction.

(Want to learn more? The BIID’s Sustainable Specifying Guide offers more options on how to create greener projects)

  1. mandy kerlann

    I’m based in France and I have rolls of the below deadstock fabrics for sale:
    100% linen in
    Chocolate moka and Aubergine :
    heavy weight perfect for sofa’s and chairs
    40 meters of 150 cm with
    woven in Belguim Master of Linen
    Price ex-works : 40 Euros/m without VAT or Transport

    25 meters each of Velvet with all over embroidery
    Price: : 40€/m without VAT

    thank you for your attention:
    Mandy kerlann

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