Project: Japandi minimalism

Elicyon fused Eastern and Western characteristics for this serene London apartment

Studio founder Charu Gandhi grew up in Delhi with exposure to multicultural design influences from an early age. These inspired a passion for design and decorative craft that surface in her interiors with a leaning towards neutral colour palettes and earthy materials that often celebrate the notion that less-is-more.

Charu says, “As a studio we enjoy bringing some of these Asian principles to our designs whether they are in London or elsewhere; the world looks to the East for this idea of achieving serenity through the way you live, eat and the principles you live by. We have many Asian clients that want to bring these cultural elements into their home design, whilst at the same time embracing a Western design aesthetic.”

In the principle open plan living and dining area Elicyon chose plaster wall finishes and a tonal furnishing palette to create a sense of warmth and harmony. Gandhi explains, “The client wanted to create a serene space where gallery pieces they had chosen by French designers Raphaël Navot, Christopher Delcourt and Pieter Maes would take centre stage. The brief was ‘neutral’ and ‘quiet’ so we looked to texture to create a feeling of depth.” The considered use of natural materials and tactile textures then used to dress and finish the space have a softening effect and create a sense of home.

Master bedroom by Elicyon

The use of sculptural forms is one of the design threads that continues throughout the apartment with pieces by Pierre Augustin Rose and Noé Duchaufour Lawrance mindfully placed in the dining area. A sense of calm pervades through the repeat of tadelakt, a natural lime-based plaster finish on the walls, and subtle up-lighting that washes the space with a soft light. Furnishings and objects are minimal, creating focus on the detail and form within light, expansive spaces.

The master bedroom was designed with principles of feng shui at the request of the client. There are no mirrors and the placement of the furniture was carefully considered. A light oak finish for joinery was selected that gives this room a light, airy quality in keeping with the rest of the apartment. The year 2024 coincides with a new 20 year Feng Shui cycle, known as “Period 9” which will last until 2044. Passion, creativity, transformation and inspiration will dominate in this new cycle ruled by the fire element prompting new energy in our homes.

London apartment interior by Elicyon

In each room light and unvarnished wood has been used as a key component of the materials palette for joinery, furniture and detailing with natural grain favoured for a tactile finish. In the guest bedroom a bespoke headboard by Bill Cleyndert is fully upholstered in linen with walnut detailing.

Exposed wood floors are a key feature of the double fronted living room and adjoining kitchen where the areas are demarked with rugs. This feature carries through to bedrooms, study and dressing areas which are all fitted with British-made joinery. A striking element in the master bedroom are the marble topped bedside tables with a hammered timber textured drawers that continues across the headboard.

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